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Vibrations Rising is a beacon and a bridge for those seeking to transform, expand and personalize their relationship with their Creator.

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"Eraka's work has truly given voice and clarity to so many years of learning, growing, avoiding, spectating, procrastinating, etc. I've gone through some painful processes and returned to the same patterns many times over wondering what was wrong with me...I welcome them now, as they are put into perspective. 

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Vibration's Rising came into my life at the right time. 

Its program, "When Loving God is Not Enough," has been a valuable aid in my quest to reach fulfillment in my relationship with the Creator.  It gave me the push I needed to rise past insecurity and challenge myself in my pursuit of optimal spiritual empowerment.

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Eraka's work is a powerful and open invitation for all who are hungry for a new way of living. She extends step-by-step processes for transformation that remove the fear and set you on a journey to the most remote place in the universe:  the center of self. It will change your life.

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